Manage all aspects of your suppliers, more easily than you ever imagined.

We take a complete life-cycle approach to managing your suppliers and reducing risk, allowing you to manage all stages of contact. Beginning with the initial registration, on through performance assessments, all the way to tracking results, we’ve got supplier management covered. You can create your own user-defined supplier categories, print lists, create and manage complete supplier evaluation schedules, and more. With a searchable supplier inventory, tracking and reporting of all supplier non-conformances details, and corrective and preventive action tracking, we help relieve quality personnel of 90 percent of clerical tasks.

When it’s time for evaluation, you can utilize a custom evaluation question bank to create dynamic supplier evaluations. After you email out your evaluations with the click of a button, you’ll electronically receive the results and assign your own scoring method. You can also create your supplier survey as an electronic form; we’ll eliminate the manual paperwork and keep all records electronic and easy to find.

Quality Link 7 Supplier Management



Ease your approved supplier and vendor management with evaluations and rating history.
  • Supplier Ratings
  • Evaluation Schedules
  • Approved Supplier List
  • Contact Information


We needed a system where we could create documents, retain documents, edit documents, approve documents, acknowledge changes and review documents, in other words taking documents from, “cradle to the grave”, easily and effectively. Quality Link did just that.
If you are starting a Quality Management System from scratch this system will be very useful. Most organizations, like ours, already have or had pieces and parts of the system in place so we were able to use Quality Link to implement what was missing.
Quality Link personnel are willing to work with you and are open to suggestions for future upgrades. Patient safety and satisfaction is our highest priority and Quality Link gives us the structure to do so.
In trying economic times where healthcare resources are low and quality services are of the upmost importance, it is essential to have a system in place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of your provided services - we chose Quality Link
We needed to standardize our documentation to ensure all documents have the same information throughout our lab. Quality Link allows us to do all the basic steps of document control and also allows us to customize different templates for our policies, procedures, forms and work-aids.
Since the purchase we have become a system wide laboratory with eight hospital based laboratories. In the struggle of standardizing documentation, Quality Link has been helpful with categorizing the documentation for each facility.
Our ultimate future plan is to go completely paperless throughout system, using Quality Link as our tool to look up all policies and procedures. With the laboratory standards getting more stringent we have started focusing on a few other modules within Quality Link.


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